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Hidden Hills, CA

When we walk into someone’s house, we want to know who lives there, what their personality is, what they love, and what they’re like. That's how much we have to work with our client as a team. Miley Cyrus’s beautifully boisterous Hidden Hills home was designed by her mom, Tish. We were so happy to be a part of it. Although her home kitchen remained the most neutral area in this L.A. retreat, Tish felt the need of adding a little bit of Miley‘s personality so it could be in harmony with the rest of the house. Neutral Tones Are Not Something That Probably Screams Miley, but it was a space that really felt like a clean slate where she could start her day.

If you are planning to make a sophisticated, east coast zen vibe kitchen. please call us at 818.505.1546 for free kitchen remodeling tips.

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