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Meet The Kitchen Factory's stellar team of designers 

The Kitchen Factory is staffed by some of the most highly regarded designers in California.

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Jana Lowenthal, Designer

Jana Lowenthal


Equally strong in both contemporary and traditional design, Jana Lowenthal brings a fresh perspective along with her 20 years of design experience to each project. Having grown up in a family of craftsmen, Jana developed her sense of style at a young age. By her mid 20s she had put that sense of style to work, developing a patented beauty product that was marketed nationwide.
After a successful career in real estate that specialized in home remodeling and renovations, Jana realized her true passion lay with the creative aspect of the design process. Capitalizing on her space planning background, Jana focused her talents on kitchen design. By utilizing her strong sense of architecture and keen eye for aesthetics, she is able to transform even challenging spaces into appealing centers of functionality. Her designs have been published in numerous home decorating magazines. Jana enjoys a strong referral client base, a testament to her unique talent. Her innate ability to make a new kitchen feel organic to the original structure of the house, coupled with her flawless design and execution make Jana a natural resource for any remodeling project.

Dennis J McAllister. founder

Dennis J. McAllister


The culture of our firm is that of an open, creative collaboration of seasoned designers striving for the highest level of design excellence and client satisfaction As the founder of The Kitchen Factory, Dennis has 25 years of wide-ranging experience with some of the most prominent kitchens in the U.S, Canada and Asia. He has been recognized numerous times for design excellence. His work has been profiled in national trade journals and local publications. including the cover of the national newspaper USA Today, Beijing Four Season Club. Dennis provides overall management for the office as well as having direct involvement in all project phases, including production of drawings and construction oversight.

Shane Wilhoite, designer

Shane Wilhoite


Shane’s passion for design is evident in his ability to create stylish and organic spaces that are both visually stunning and reflective of his client’s unique tastes. He has the ability to produce well thought out and beautifully detailed plans that seamlessly combine both functional and aesthetic elements. Shane’s talent for design encompasses all lifestyles-from clean contemporary lines to Tuscan or Country French, be it literal or just a touch.

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