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one stop shopping at Marbles and tiles and other materials - fit for y


We understand your vision.
We are passionate.
We are honest.

Remodeling a house is exciting.

It is also demanding and must be carried out by someone who is highly professional, has passion, extraordinary craftsmanship, and not least, solid experience. All points are the foundation of our construction team we have here at The Kitchen Factory. You will quickly experience this and be happy for now and in the future.

Our many years of experience on residential construction have enabled us to highlight the most important issues and recommendations in your new construction project.

Our Design to Build process ensures that you have a beautiful, custom designed project. Created within your budget and built with quality, care and efficiency.

What you will expect from us...

Turn your projects into stunning! Let handle the construction and remod

Benefit 1:
One Stop Shopping

The Kitchen Factory's team of professionals is made up of complementary experts. We can be your one stop resource for your project's design and construction needs.

We work together with you as a team. The advantage? This one stop shopping creates
smoother transition from design to construction and fewer communication challenges as your project unfolds.

Benefit 2:
Be Completed on an Agreed Fixed Cost

It is common, that when separate firms complete the design and construction of your project, there is always the possibility of missing or forgetting some of the construction details.

At The Kitchen Factory, we offer  you and, at the same time, stand behind a fixed cost remodeling agreement for your project. also offers construction services and projects. Learn more at thekit
The Kitchen Factory offers construction and remodeling services. Learn more, contact our d

Benefit 3:
From start to finish in no time.

Because of the time tested and well-defined design process we use, in many ways your project is actually being prepared for construction as it is designed.

Owing to our design process, we will know what products will be needed and when to order them. So they are available when needed at the job site.

And, because of our thorough process, there are typically very few things, if any, left as undecided before construction begins, minimizing surprises, extra costs and disappointments for our customers.

Design to Build is a process where our team handles your entire design and remodeling project from the initial design, layout concepts, budgets to finish material selections, permits, construction and warranty. Every aspect of the project is handled by a seasoned team of professionals providing coordination, communication and a single point of accountability and contact for our client.

Our Design to Build Construction Process

The Kitchen Factory

Saves time. Saves money on the long term and increase the value of your home.

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